Programmes Offered

We'd love to meet you and your child, giving us the opportunity to help them where we can.

Our Services

We offer multiple programmes at CPL Kinderkinetics. Please contact us for more information regarding programme specifics.

Baby Massage & Stimulation

These sessions mimic and stimulate the natural development of a baby’s senses, brain and muscles to ensure optimal physical, emotional, social and intellectual development.

Special Populations

These sessions are aimed at improving specific aspects of development that children of special populations struggle with. Each session is child specific. 

One-on-one Remedial Sessions

These sessions are designed to be child specific. An evaluation will be done prior to the first session and the results from these evaluations will be the basis from which the programme is designed. 

Small Group Sessions

These sessions are done in small groups of about 4-6 children and will be based on the basic fundamental skills required for the age group of the children. Often the skills that will be looked at include locomotor (running, jumping, hopping etc.) and object manipulation (throwing, catching, kicking etc.).

School Groups

These sessions are conducted at schools, both to small groups as well as grade classes. They focus on the specific needs of the group and the developmental stages of the children. 

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