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Kinderkinetics is a specialised paediatric field which aims to holistically develop the well-being of children between 0 to 13 years of age through scientifically based physical activity programmes.


Kinderkinetics aims to stimulate, promote and remediate age specific gross motor skills and neuro-motor skills required for optimal development of your child. A Kinderkineticist is registered with the South African Professional Institute for Kinderkinetics (SAPIK).

Aim of our practice

The aim of CPL Kinderkinetics is to provide each child with opportunities for optimal gross motor development. Each child is our priority, with all programmes being age and child-specific.

Why Kinderkinetics?

Decline in Physical Activity

Today’s children are far less active then previous generations. With the increase in various forms of technology and decrease in physical activity in schools, movement has taken a back seat in development. However, movement is so important. 

Gross Motor Skills

Good gross motor control is necessary for the development of both fine motor and visual motor skills. These gross motor skills influence a child´s strength, endurance, confidence and their ability to concentrate and focus. Any child that is not keeping up with his peers on a gross motor level should be checked for potential difficulties.

achieving developmental goals

For the development of basic gross motor skills, the general window of opportunity appears to be open from the prenatal period to around age six. Research has shown that movement is a very effective learning medium for young children. It is during this fundamental movement phase where children develop their basic movement patterns.

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